Give your trading cards for grading to Only Graded.


Want to get your cards graded by professionals who don’t disappoint? At Only Graded, you get authorized grading solutions all in one place. We know that you want to preserve the quality of your cards. After all, you’ve put time and effort into collecting them, so it is only fair that you get a bespoke service that does justice to your expectations. Verily, our professionals consult with you to ensure quick and reliable solutions. Customer satisfaction is our top priority which is why we stick to established grading points and keep our prices affordable for your convenience.

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A dedicated marketplace for trades

Our company was set up in London, with a goal to open your doors to the buying, selling, and auctioning of cards through Only Graded online. We strive to connect collectors through an all-in-one marketplace for trading graded gaming cards. To top it off, we make it incredibly easy for traders to exchange their collectibles the right way.


Our assurance speaks for itself

At Only Graded, you always get accurate gradings that perfectly reflect the condition of your card.

OG assurance is based on


OG adds extra merits to your cards and packs. This is reinforced by consistent results on grading.


We ensure that your data is completely secured through our robust fraud systems that keep intruders out and protect your online activity on our site without fail.

Our Values


Want us to grade your cards but not sure how much it will cost? Don’t worry because that’s never a problem at Only Graded! Our prices are highly affordable – no matter which package you choose, it won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

Professionalism Guaranteed

With our seasoned experts, you can rest easy knowing that your trading cards are always in good hands. Safe to say, Only Graded professionals are certified to handle your precious trading cards.

Reliable Warranty

Our grading services are delivered by real experts which is why we provide lasting warranties that ensure your trust in us.

Payment Plans

You can choose from an array of different payment plans inclusive of shipping according to your convenience. Rest assured, we never leave a single stone unturned when it comes to surpassing your expectations with our service.